Monday, October 26, 2009

Big day out...

Saturday was all about the kids... 2 years old and the in utero kind.

Chase's friend Claire had her second birthday party at the Jump Zone in Owings Mills and boy was it fun! I only wish they had this closer to Hagerstown, we would be there for free play at least weekly. (I should mention there is another bounce house around here but it isn't nearly as cool ;~)

The star of the day!

Chase climbing...

then getting a little help from daddy!

Down the pirate slide with mommy! Yeah... I had a little bit of fun!

The Sesame Street bounce house was the best...

Chase bounced through these doors for at least a good 15 minutes... absolutely LOVED them!

The girls... Victoria, Claire and Minhae enjoying some quality time together!

My sweaty little boy enjoying some pizza.

and digging into an Elmo cupcake!

After the party we headed to Annapolis and made it there in record time (with Chase napping in the back of course ;~). So we drove around our old stomping grounds... specifically...

*sigh* I miss it so much. I really had no idea how good we had it at BACC. I thought you move and just find another church but it really isn't that easy. We were so invested there and had so many friends... it's hard letting that go. Even after a year and a half.

Eventually we made it to Samantha and Tim's baby shower!

Chase and Mary fist-bumping.

Baby Aaron is set to arrive in about 7 weeks!

Congrats Tim and Sam! You're going to make wonderful parents!

In stark contradiction from the morning, Chase was an absolutely dream all day. Sans the whining before we left the house, he was cooperative, pleasant and sweet all day. I am seriously in love with this kid!


Caleb and Adrienne said...

Don't let Ben see that elmo cupcake. He will literally try to eat the screen. He loves "uptates" and "melmo".

Anonymous said...

What a full day of fun! I was glad to see you all again!

Rose said...

I am in LOVE with that sweaty pizza picture! Looks and sounds like you guys had a great day!