Sunday, June 22, 2008

Once the landlord knows...

it's official.

We will be moving on Aug 23 and vacating the apartment by Sept 1. Our landlord came over to fix something and we went ahead and let him know.  He has been so great to us over the past 2.5 years... we wanted to give him a decent heads up.  Plus we just know there is no way we can stay here.  We sat down and really looked at our budget and while we do have choices, the best one is absolutely to move to Hagerstown.  

To be precise... moving in with Adam's parents in Hagerstown.  Yep... you heard correctly... moving back in with the parents.  I have now done this twice (and I wasn't sorry the first time!) It is quite strange to be teetering on the edge of 30 and moving in with my husbands parents but we have thought long and hard about this and it really is the best move for us.  We will be living in the cottage hideaway which has 1 bedroom, living room and a small kitchen.  Please don't ask, I am not sure where everything will go... (mostly in their basement! HA!) but I am sure that Adam and I can make it work ;~) 

We are doing this for a few big reasons... 1. so I can remain a stay at home mom.  As well as being my career choice, I believe whole-heartedly in what I do and it is what is best for our family.  2. financial reasons... more than just not having the second income, Adam and I are hell bent dedicated to paying off one of his 2 student loans before we buy a house.  It is half the $$ of the other loan but the payments are twice as much because of the percentage.  It would free us up so much in the future to knock it out now.  We are BIG believers in the Dave Ramsey way of life and are trying to live by his motto "Live like no one else today so you can live like no one else tomorrow." 3.  family... I am very excited about the prospect of Chase really getting to know his Grandma and Grandpa and I know they are extremely excited to have him right next door!  

I have already begun the process of purging again.  Everywhere I look, I think "do we really need that?"  Most of it is a yes since we have done this a multitude of times but I still find stuff here and there to give away.  Just recently I ransacked my wardrobe and sent half of it out the door!  Oh, and I made the leap to try these and I am now a believer.  I will be re-evaluating how I pack up blankets, Chase's clothes and our off season clothes!  (Christine, have you tried yours yet???)

For those of you in the area (and if any of you others would like to fly in) I think we will be doing a little "We're outta here" shindig at our house in the near future!!


Johnnie Avocado said...

It would be nice to get your loans and stuff away. Honestly, my wife and I wanted her to stay home with Frodo, but you just can't do that anymore. It is so expensive. It sounds like this will be a good fit for you guys. Just make sure everyone has their own space....I'm so jealous

Mary said...

Wow, we're going to start paying attention to the whole dave ramsey thing... my sister is a firm follower, she and her husband have been doing the financial university classes, and they are going to pay off their new house in only 7 years!
I know how you feel, I've started purging. Any too big clothes you should pass this way. Although, I am going back to the gym so maybe I wont fit into them either (I'm a huge fan of handmedowns!)

Michelle said...

That is exciting, and it sounds like y'all have a great plan. I've heard a lot of good things about Dave Ramsey, but have never looked to hard into his financial training material. Maybe I should give it a look.

Nick & Rose said...

I already miss you, and you're only in Crofton. How bad am I going to miss you when you guys are all the way up in Hagerstown! Anyway, I know it is the right decision for your family, and I'm really happy for you guys. It will be so good to have the support up there. Give me a call sometime and we'll get together. Maybe Nick & I can make dinner.

kathi said...

I'm really very jealous that you're going to be around family. You're so fortunate to have that. Love the cottage, how cozy. And y'all are very smart to do this. I've never heard of this guy Ramsey, but you know I'm going to be looking him up now.

I DON'T REMEMBER EVER SEEING THE PICTURES OF THE COTTAGE BEFORE AND YOU HAD A CAT PICTURE IN IT JUST FOR ME!! As soon as I pulled that link up I was all "awwwww" seeing the kitten and cat, then saw my name. Thanks lady, made me smile! How precious were they!!

Miss Perfect Peach Princess said...

There is nothing sweeter than family. they can drive you mad at times, but they are the crux of any good childhood. I think its an awesome decision and will have to make a trip out to H-town to see y'all :)

Mary said...

Wait, those storage bags really work???

Vicki said...

I too want to hear about those storage bags. I saw an ad for them and went, "Yeah, right, hahaha."

LoveLladro said...

johnnie - those loans are crippling us, we need to get them out of the way before we make any other big financial moves!

mary and michelle - we are firm believers in Dave's method! he's got a great philosophy about money and i love that he is a christian so he understands the importance of tithing.

rose - don't i know it... we don't see each other enough now! we will just have to make it work!

kathi - i thought you would appreciate the cat pictures! we have to get you on google reader so you don't miss any posts!

mppp - you better come out and see us! chase can't live without aunt A and uncle L from family law!

mary and vicki - see my latest post!