Friday, June 06, 2008

Oh the horror

Chase just let out a cry so I went to go check on him. He has bad gas so this is a nightly occurrence. He isn't actually awake so much as just in pain because he needs to pass gas. So I put the paci in his mouth (sucking motion helps push the gas out) and I lifted his legs as if he were sitting. That definitely helped and he calmed down pretty quickly. I was just finishing putting his legs back down when underneath me went racing a centipede type thing with a zillion legs. They are common around here and if you think I don't like them during the day, try 1:15 in the darkness. I almost jumped into Chase's crib with him.

I actually thought long and hard about waking Adam to come help me but then I remembered he has actual work to do tomorrow. I mean court and filing things so I let him sleep. I did don a pair of his slippers and wielded one of his tennis shoes... to which I bravely hit the piece of clothing it had stopped to check out, thereby forcing it to run in the other direction. To which I smashed him to smitherines... Ugh, I get the willies thinking about it.

I am mother hear me roar! That is one bug who won't be spending time in my son's room anymore... well at least after tomorrow morning. I didn't actually pick up the deadness... there are somethings that can wait for a husband ;~)


Nick & Rose said...

I HATE those things! I call them Maryland bugs, because I'd never seen them until I moved here.

kathi said...

Awww, hon, sorry but I was laughing through this because, darlin', I live in Texas and EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas. I've felt your pain.

Mary said...

I found a bug in my room the other day. I chased it, killed it, and flushed it.


Hey hey, add me to your list!!