Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ahhh, the haps

First and foremost... thank you so much for all the advice. I really appreciate your thoughts and words of encouragement. I think I will eventually reach out to them, at least via letter but probably not for sometime. Heck, crafting that letter will take long enough ;~) I will share if and when I write and send it!

On to the rest of the news in our world... We have decided to move to Hagerstown! There are many good reasons why but I will just touch on a few... the rent is ridiculously cheaper, we can actually buy a house (when we are ready), I can remain a stay at home mom easier and we have family there (re: free babysitting right MIL!) Those are just the key points... there are a million small good reasons too. I have been tied to this area for a long time but most of my ties are gone and the ones that remain can stretch to Hagerstown ;~)

Adam would continue to work for the same law firm and commute 3 days a week and work from home the other 2. Eventually he will start a Hagerstown branch of the firm. Even with the added gas mileage (and yes, we did calculate the erroneously high prices) we would be saving money. Which comes in handy since student loans are coming due again soon and we aren't entirely sure how we will cover them.

We are looking at an Oct 1 move date but it is definitely not set in stone. We are taking it slow and trying to really grasp the Lord's plan for us. We have been praying about it every night since we hatched this crazy plan. So far, we have not been let down!

Adam and I have toyed with the idea of selling my Jeep to buy a less expensive fuel efficient SUV... However, we never really gave it much serious thought. Enter my brilliant husband who last night got the idea that we sell his Honda Accord and buy a more fuel efficient (and 4 door!) Honda Civic. He started doing the math and it was amazing how much money we would save in gas mileage alone... all contributing more towards those pesky student loans! We are extremely excited at this prospect and will be listing our car tonight. We are now also seriously considering selling my Jeep for a F.E. SUV. Please pray as we start to make some weighty decisions!

Other random news... we have stepped down from hosting bible study on Thursdays. It got to be too difficult to host and deal with Chase. Honestly, I spent most of my time paying attention to Chase and not the study (shocking, I know) ... and Adam would be paying attention to me to be sure I didn't need any help. Chase is usually the only baby there so he really stands out and so does his talking... and the boy can seriously talk. As Danielle put it "Once Chase found his voice, he made it heard." Plus we try to have a bedtime pattern for him which falls right in the middle of the study and you can forget trying to have Chase sleep with 10 adults conversing on the other side of the wall... he hates to be left out! All that and the fact that we are moving soon led us to make this decision.

Lastly, we are heading to Hagerstown this weekend (think of the gas mileage we will save driving to Hagerstown all the time! Seriously, we go at least once a month, sometimes more!) It is Adam's first Father's Day and I am so excited to celebrate it. I hope that I can make it as special as he made Mother's Day for me! Speaking of which, we had our session with Kim Flores and got the proofs back! Now we just have to decide on our absolute favorites!

In closing I will leave you with a short video of a very happy water baby ;~)


Carrie and Scott said...

Wow! That's a lot of information at once! First...sounds like a good move...I remember thinking of that possibility when you were wondering how you were going to stay home with Chase. It looks like you are ready for that now! About the cars...we have a 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid and we LOVE it. It averages 30mpg (realistic) and it looks nice and is pretty comfortable we can't believe everyone doesn't have one by now. And I totally understand about Bible study...we are the only baby so far too and it's so hard to get anything out of it and I hate to distract everyone else.

Happy first Father's day Adam! YIPEE

Johnnie Avocado said...

yeah dude.....WAY too much info at once.....brain......over....loading......must...warn others..........

Moving is always tough, but it sounds like a good plan. Did you factor in the "can't sell the house" or are you still renting?

Honda Civic.....great idea

And I've got problems...I can't play the video....darn it....

Mary said...

Well, it seems like everyone is going to have lots of changes around this time of year. We're only hoping for the absoulte best for you... and we all know who does that for us. Thankfully our Lord only DOES plan the best for us. Isn't it funny how things just click into place??!! I'm finding that out more and more.

kathi said...

I'm really happy for y'all. A change is always exciting! I'm looking for change too, so keep us in your prayers.
Excited about the new vehicle too, very cool. I love mine!

This kid is so cute, what a gorgeous smile he has. Don't get mad, but I see so much of his dad in Chase. He's adorable!

Sylvia :) said...

I guess this means I'll just have to come over more to spend time with you and chase before you move! Exciting to hear all the news!