Friday, October 05, 2007

Incredibly Proud

Ok... so it's no secret that I am proud (and severely entertained) by my husband but this one... this particular day... this is when I am pretty much the most proud of him.
Adam celebrates 11 years sober today.
For 11 years he has dedicated himself to living a clean sober and spirit filled life. His chosen method has been AA and it has done wonders for him. Not only does he 'just not drink' but he closely follows a set of steps for healthy living. I only wish I could get into all that goes along with this way of life but it's really not my place and it would take too long anyway. Just know that it takes commitment and dedication.

I love you Adam and congrats on 11 years sober. What a testament to what this program can accomplish!

PS - don't get too big of a head ;~)


TortfeasorG said...

woot woot!

Thanks for being so proud and supportive honey!

kathi said...

What a great thing, I am so proud of you, too. Congrat's to you both, because I know it's made a huge difference in both of your lives.