Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Baby Shower!

What a great time I had at my baby shower this past Saturday! I actually knew this was one was coming... it was at my house so that would have been a real surprise to pull off! It was actually a lot of fun to have it our house... I wanted to do some real deep cleaning before Peabert came along and this gave me the motivation, I was able to show off Peaberts room which actually debuted his name... yep... Peabert actually has a name now!

The day started off with Jaime and I getting pedicures at the Robert Andrew Spa which I contend that this is how every day should start. Once we were back at the house, Ali showed up with all her amazing food...

1) Beef & Red Pepper Crostini - pieces of toasted french bread with homemade red pepper mayonnaise and a slice of roast beef (parsley garnish)
2) Prosciutto Pear Cups – prosciutto baked into a salty “cup” and filled with fresh, sweet diced pears (lemon zest garnish)
3) Tomato & Mozzarella Skewers - skewers of grape tomatoes and chunks of fresh mozzarella with a basil pesto dipping sauce
4) Brie Bites – buttery phyllo dough wrapped around small pieces of brie cheese with raspberry jam, baked to crispy and cheesy perfection

One by one, friends started rolling in... Angie came... and brought punch! She just had her second bundle of joy, Jaden, a mere four months ago.... so incredibly cute! Danielle, Amy Jean and Nancy... (the other neighbor Danielle... oh yeah, we are totally taking over P Street!)...My darling Rose who organized the fantastic cake! All I kept thinking when I looked at that cake is how much my mom would have LOVED it! Christine was there... although, almost not... she is 13 (almost 14) weeks along and the fatigue is overwhelming... I totally understand girl! Amy Jean was there which was awesome... I don't think we have seen each other since law school graduation... unfortch she missed Badam but soon we will do a doggie get together with the 3 of us and Larry from Family Law! Nancy who I will soon be leaving behind at Ad.com... something she is not happy about but man is she ever thrilled about little Peabert! Not bad for our first picture together! Vicki and Joy... Joy of whom I have known since literally, she was born. At her shower I didn't want anyone else to hold her! Laura who is a hop and a sk... literally, she is that close... I don't even have to finish. She did so much to help Danielle throw this, I am so appreciative!

One of the games that we played was 'Celebrity Moms' and since I was talking about a certain celebrity mom earlier in the day, Jaime thought it would be funny to make me this her. But really folks, can she really be considered a mom... I think not! We also played 'How Big is Her Belly?' of which most everyone thought I was apparently at least the length of a football field! Actually Danielle won (shocking as she sees me pretty much everyday!) but she passed it on to the next closest... Lori! Congrats!

Most of all, I want to thank Danielle and Heather for throwing me an awesome shower (even though Heather had to work!). It is a really great thing when you have friends who care so much for you and your family, and living right next door... truly an awesome thing! Thanks girls!

You may ask what the father to be was doing whilst we were babying up the house... golf!... what else! Craig, the lovely Ali's husband, arranged for him, Adam and Josh to go golfing while we had baby shower mania!

We got many many fun things for little man... a carseat, bedding, thermometer, sleep positioners, slings, baby bjorn, books, grocery seat covers and tons of cute clothing! This kid will be sharply dressed for the first year of his life at least! More than anything though, I have the knowledge that I have some of the best friends a girl can ask for! Thanks everyone!


chocolate hug said...

If you love getting out and about, the Baby Bjorn is amazing! I used it when our son had trouble getting to sleep at night and when he hit his fussy time in the evening.

Glad to hear all went well.

kathi said...

How cool! Love all the pics, and of course you are absolutely adorable! Babe, your belly is so cute!
I love Rose's dress, gorgeous and the cake...oh my goodness, what a cool cake!
I've always said you are so blessed to have the friends that you do. I'm so thankful you have them.
Ohhhh, and I LOVE the name!

Carrie and Scott said...

Love the name, love the cake, love the whole blog and am so happy it was so perfect. I feel the same way about the girls that put together my baby shower, it really makes you praise Jesus for putting these wonderful people so close to us, especially during this exciting time in our life. BTW you look great, I can't believe your 3 weeks ahead of me! Thinking of you always!

LoveLladro said...

ch - i got a couple types of slings and i cannot wait to try them out! we are traveling to CA at the end of Dec so we will definitely be using them!

kathi - thanks... i kinda like this belly too! it really was an amazing time... i have such great friends! and thanks for liking the name! i am so indecisive but i really think this one will stay ;~)

carrie - thanks! i am really thankful that God has placed all the people i know in my path... it has definitely made this experience that much better!