Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Closer than I thought

So apparently I am way closer to delivering than I thought... and not very good at handling situations that are out of my control.

Rewind to yesterday... I took the day off work because my doctors appointment was at 11 in the morning and driving back and forth just seemed like a colossal waste of time. Adam actually did go to work since we figured this would be fairly routine and his presence wasn't necessary ;~) Everything was going along fine... Dr. H and I were up close and personal and he mentioned that he didn't think I would be pregnant more than a week... I am already 3-4 cm. Hmmm, ok, my head spins a little since I still have things to do but I can handle that. Then he goes to measure my belly and is a slight bit (I stress the slight bit part) concerned with the fluid levels around little Peabert. Just for precaution sake he wants me to get a sonogram downstairs and make sure that all is normal. Then he says the words that throw me in a tailspin the rest of my time at the doctors office. "If the levels are below average then we are going to admit you and your having a baby today"... I am sorry... come again? This coming from the same guy that said Nov 2 is your due date... I want a refund, not only were you wrong, but you sprung your wrongness on me out of nowhere! He also says "If everything is fine with the fluids, I want you back on Friday morning to be checked out... if you are 6-7 cm then we will admit you and you will be having a baby". Holy crap... I might seriously fall over.

I manage to keep upright, trek downstairs and get in line to get a sonogram... correction, I thought I got in line to get a sonogram... what actually happened is I got to watch every person that was there before me and came in after me, walk through the doors and get seen. I get it... I am being 'squeezed in' because I didn't have an appointment. However, I am 9 months pregnant, very uncomfortable in the chairs in the waiting room, extremely hungry while watching all the staff parade through with their lunches and as I found out... very unprepared mentally to deliver that day. And for 2 hours I sat there with those issues. I was not happy.

Regardless, they finally find it in their cold cold hearts to bring me back and check in on my baby. Turns out he is an A student... he got an 8 out of 8 (not sure what for but it was a perfect score!) and the fluid levels are fine. I go back upstairs, inform the secretary that Dr. H is in trouble for sending me there because it took forever and that I truly can't wait any longer to see him.... I needed to leave and get food NOW! She took down the information they gave me and let me go on my merry way.

So I said before that I was SO not ready to deliver that day... in truth, if it happened that way, I would have been fine. I think the idea of not knowing for a few hours really tripped me up. I am however, preparing that Friday might be our day... or Saturday... 10/20... cute ring to it. Who knows, this kid has a mind of his own already! Regardless... I doubt that I will be pregnant much longer! Stay tuned for updates!


TortfeasorG said...

dood, i was totally ready...

and by ready, i mean WTF, u mean like, TODAY!?, um, ok... do we have a bag?!?!? what do i put in it? do i have time? who do i call?

Di said...

AHH!!! That would have freaked me out too!!! WOW is all I can say ;)

Carrie and Scott said...

Adam, that is exactly what Scott would be thinking...too funny. I can't believe it may be closer than you think, my Dr. just says keep on working, the baby'll come when it comes. No insight, no guessing, nothing. I don't have my next ultrasound/check "down there" until 10-31. Good luck Jessi! Is there a phone tree I can get put on????

chocolate hug said...

A week and a half before my due date I had false labor. I have to admit that even though I didn't have everything ready, I was so excited! I was even bummed out when I realized it wasn't the real thing. Relax. You're in a country with AMAZING health care. What a blessing that if something WAS wrong there are doctors and nurses there ready to take care of you and your son.

Nothing about parenting is going to be easy to control, you got the first taste of it (believe me, babies never sleep when you want to, and they always eat when it's your dinner time). The best thing you can do for your whole family is just go with it and have faith.

Praying for you! Hang in there, I'm so excited as you get closer and closer.

Vicki said...

Welcome to the "anything goes" cycle of parenthood. Sorry you went through all that. For what it's worth, I was 3-4 cm dilated for several weeks before Jon was born. Doc kept saying, "Any day now..." Ha! But if he'd been born "on time" I'd have sent him off to college LAST year, so I'm glad it turned out as it did :-D

Michelle said...

Wow!! What a day you had!!

Well like some of the others have said, babies have their own schedule and timing and are not easily "controlled". In fact, they mainly control you, but it is so worth it!!

I hope that it happens soon, cause I can't wait to see his picture!!

kathi said...

OMG ~ you're having a baby!!!

Lisa said...

Before you deliver; if you don't have either of these - get them - the happiest baby on the block DVD by Dr. Karp ( the book Baby 411 - both very big helps during the first 3 months. Good luck :)

Rose said...

I had a dream last night that we were hanging out on your patio out back, and you went into labor. It was a good dream, because I got to be there when little Chase came into the world. You'll do great honey, and I can't wait to meet your son. He will take after his parents and be an amazing person.

LoveLladro said...

hubby - lol... right there with ya but you did a good job of keeping your cool ;~)

di - wow was about all i could say as well!

carrie - i will definitely put you on the list!

ch - i think if it actually happened i would have been fine, it was just the not knowing! maybe this weekend though... then again, maybe not!

vicki - anything goes is right! well at least we got a nice little wake up call and got the important stuff in order!

michelle - you and me both! i can't wait to see the first pictures of our family!

kathi - your comment made me almost spit out my apple juice! died laughing because i feel the same way!

lisa - not sure if i really know who you are but thanks for the advice... i will check them out!

rose - thanks darlin! i can't wait to meet him either ;~) and i know you will be an awesome aunt rose!