Thursday, June 14, 2007

I am that person...

that proudly flips out the wallet full of pictures of my beautiful child... so consider yourself held hostage and meet Peabert! (BTW - I refer to Peabert as he or him... I still don't know so don't take that as the correct gender!)

Left foot! seriously, I love baby feet... how cute is this???

Peabert's profile!

Peaberts head and rib cage... I think he is slightly turned towards us.

Peabert's in the fetal position... just below his head is his arm and then the 2 white rectangles on the left side are his leg. This is probably my favorite picture!

here is our first glimpse at Peabert's face... I am thinking a modeling career as well as being a photographer, an Olympian and a lawyer working with daddy at their firm... yeah, I have high hopes!


Vicki said...

That baby is seriously cute. Way sweet...all that good stuff. But then again, did I expect anything else??!

TortfeasorG said...

Yes, the obsession with photographing our children has already begun! And we still have almost 5 months to go!

Michelle said...

Peabert is beautiful!! I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl.

kathi said...

An adorable child, and she looks brilliant! Hope you're framing your favorite one, I've still got Casey and Charlies first sonogram pics.

LoveLladro said...

vicki - isn't peabert cute but you are right, what could you expect with parents like adam and i!

adam - yeah, we are going to blind this kid before he's 2... i can't even imagine the amount of pictures we will take.

michelle - thanks! you and me both!!! so glad we finally know now!

kathi - nice try darling! maybe on the next one the 'she' part will be right! as for the sonogram pictures... definitely saving the originals and i am also scanning them into the computer, reprinting them and putting them into the "Belly Book" that i have... chronicles your whole pregnancy... so much fun!