Saturday, March 10, 2007

Noticably Absent

Johnnie is right... I totally called him out on being absent and I have been AWOL lately. Sorry about that. Things have been a little busy around here... my new job has had me stressed out for the past 2 weeks. It was a rough start and I am still lost and confused but things are getting better. I am starting to understand the concept of my job and where I fit in which is a remarkable change from the first week.

Things around the homestead are up and down and everywhere in between... do you want the good news or the bad news first? Ok, bad news it is....

Adam's beloved Grammy died this past week. Grammy was Adam's moms mom... and she died on March 6, 2007... three years to the day that Adam's brother Ryan died. Yeah, its been a rough week. Adam's mom is doing well considering although I firmly believe that losing your mother at any age is a traumatic experience. We are heading to H-town tomorrow for the funeral services and reception type event. The family is really trying to celebrate Grammy's life because she had a good long one. And this I know... she leaves behind a wealth of love and family... what I consider to be a mark of a good life.

The good news is that Adam is working FT earning a salary with a lawyer that he has been working with for the past few months! He earns a base salary with the ability of earning more depending on cases he brings in, work that he does around the office, cases that are doing well, ect... It's a GREAT opportunity for us because we finally have a sense of security and the ability to make a concrete financial plan plus Adam gets to learn from someone that he really likes and respects and in turn he is liked and respected by his boss. It's really the best of both worlds!

Actually funny story about the boss... lets call him HL. Adam did work for an attorney named CJ... when the work was done, CJ passed Adam's name and number to a friend of his named HL. Adam was telling me about this in the car one day and mentioned his first name... I thought for a moment and asked if ______ was his last name... Adam looked at me dumbfounded... it was. As it turns out I lived next door to HL for a few years as a child. I actually babysat his children a few times. Such an incredibly small world! Anyway the rest of the story goes as follows... HL and Adam spoke but nothing really came of it... HL suffered some loss in his life and was very busy with business so the timing wasn't great. Fast forward one year of Adam going place to place, working for many different lawyers. HL calls Adam out of the blue and offers him some work... of which Adam has been doing for the past several months. A few months ago they start talking about this arrangement and then on Thursday HL brings it up and Adam started Monday.

It's been a wild ride but it feels good where we are.

Oh and remember all that lame talk about me going through my moms clothes... how I want to always do it but I never do. I did it today!!! I still have 3 bins left but I have gone through 10 bins of my mothers clothing and separated them into pieces for the quilt, pieces to give away, pieces to throw away and a not sure pile. And get this... my give away pile is large... much larger than I would have expected. Apparently I was ready to do this! More to come on that because this is only the first step... next I actually have to drop off the clothes at a donation center... there may be tears involved in that step ;~) But I am this far and that makes me happy ;~)

Oh and Maverick, my dad and his girlfriend's ever loving Shiba Inu is back to stay with us for the week! It promises to be a fun time!

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