Sunday, October 01, 2006


Some pictures from the weekend...

Dad, me, Adam, Billy, Cindy and Stacie

Billy, Dad and Stacie holding cell phones in lieu of lighters while Cindy did karaoke

Adam getting ready to dig into his Vacarro's eclair

Riley enjoying the ride to H-town

Adam and I's goddaughter, Erika Ryan, being adorable

Carter Sauce, Jeffrey and I... I swear Jeffrey was happier than he looks to see me!

Celebrating Nick's birthday... one of his many gifts was an electric razor... definitely needed!

The birthday boy!


Vicki said...

That crab feast looks like a blast! Where'd you go for that?

kathi said...

Love the pics...especially the one of Riley (can't help I'm an animal lover) and the one of Adam and the eclair. I'm hungry !!!!

LoveLladro said...

vicki - Out to Essex if you can believe that... I forget the name of the establishment but dad looked them up and supposedly they have the best crabs around... and they did... HUGE gigantor ones!

kathi - adam does like a vaccaros eclair... I prefer the cookies (not pictured) myself ;~)