Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A litany of baby G pictures... cause she is so darn cute!

We have a new cutie in the family!!! Welcome baby G!

Sly and subtle 'What's up homie?' pose

Mom and big sis M getting ready for the day

Aunt S and baby G chatting it up

"(YAWN) Man, it's rough being this young... so tiring!"

"How do you like my mohawk?... Fixed it this morning, just for you."

Oh yeah, that definitely looks right!

Seriously! How small is she compared to him! What a peanut!

What a gorgeous baby... so loving her!

If you can get past my double chin, this is a great pic!... Now raise your hand if you didn't see the double chin until I pointed it out... oops ;~)

Talk about comfortable... like I was born to do this!

Oh yeah! It's what all fashion all the babies will be sporting this winter... ski bunny babies!

Big sis M and I at the opening of grandma and grandpa's store... looking good!

Mom and her girls!

Big sis M is going to do well with baby G!

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kathi said...

Yup, looks like your a natural... Great pics, cute little ones!