Sunday, October 08, 2006

How do you celebrate 10 years sober?

With LASER TAG of course!

What a great night... Rob orchestrated the whole event and for that I am so thankful! Here are some pictures of the nights festivities...

Gearing up for some hardcore laser tag.

Adam and Yocky

Being threatening with our warpaint

Group shot... left to right... Yaya, Loser, Pretty, Lucky, LightfeasorG, Shark, Punch, Spike, Knee, V, Phaseshift, Tiny, Cream Puff and I was Poofy. Good times!


TortfeasorG said...

Despite my general suckitude at laser tag, I had a great time. Thanks, honey, for making sure we celebrated, and thanks Rob for choreographing the evening!

Just so the rest of you know, my baby and I are truly hardcore - just like that picture shows.

Vicki said...

Congrats on 10 years sober. Definitely something to celebrate! My Josh will be jealous for he luuuuvs laser tag!

kathi said...

Y'all are so very blessed to have each other and such great friends. Absolutely loved the pics, and I've never had any doubt about how "hardcore" y'all are. :)