Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Picture Heavy

Ok... so I am attempting to play catch up on the blog since I have been so absent lately... which I totally blame on this...

meet 'the bean'! cute, I know.

We made it out to the Maple Syrup demonstration at Cunningham Falls this past weekend and it was beautiful... the weather and the surroundings.

Teaching Chase the fine art of throwing things in the water... things being rocks and sticks, we're not litterbugs.

The cuteness in this picture overwhelms me. I love him so much.

Kid in a tree stump? Adorable!

I love my boys ;~)

Trying to get a good picture with an antsy toddler... always a challenge!

We bumped into Dave, Kari and Lexi while we were watching the demonstration...

How cute are these dads and their kids???

Showing mommy how to throw things into the water... this was a GREAT deal of fun.

Bamma caught a ladybug and we watched her crawl around for a few minutes. We also discovered that lady bugs might be the only insect I am not afraid of.

Since the weather was (I emphasize was) so gorgeous, we made it a point to spend time outside.

This looks evil on our part but the sponge was for me to clean the water table and Chase grabbed it and started cleaning the deck... yeah, I'll stick with that story.

Grandpa getting in on the water table action. So far everyday Chase has asked to play in the water table... really hoping the weather improves soon!

Adam and I learned our lesson last year... a strong and steady fence is needed to keep Riley out of the garden!

Poor dog is so angry he can't get in here. {enter evil maniacal laugh here}

Always trying to take advantage of good weather we spent some time on the deck playing basketball...

with gardening gloves... you know, like you do.

dribbling and chasing the ball...

but more fun than anything was when daddy would toss the ball on the roof, let it roll down and catch it in silly ways...

life is never dull.

We (re: Adam) were also smarter about planting our seeds this time... instead of throwing them all in the ground halfway through spring, we (re: Adam) actually read the packet and planted according to the directions.

And he of course had his faithful assistant.

I think I am most excited about the sunflowers... that was my pick for this year ;~)

Can't wait to see some growth!!!


dkamfam said...

It was such a beautiful weekend! Glad you guys got out to enjoy it. Props to Adam for the planning on the garden. It will be so fun for Chase to see them sprouting!

chocolate hug said...

Oh yay! You guys are doing a garden again this year. I too learned to read the backs of the seed packets more carefully after making some mistakes last year. We started our seeds about two weeks ago. It's so exciting to see them come up and get bigger and bigger! We're going to be building a raised bed garden for the back yard some time next month. I can't stop buying seeds!
Glad to see you guys are able to spend some time outside after all that insane snow you got!


Anonymous said...

Hi little Bean! :)

Sun flower is my most favorite flower. Can't wait to see the picture in the summer.

The Amazing Trips said...

Congratulations to YOU! What awesome news. I hope you're feeling well!!

Soo. Does this mean you won't be doing the 3-Day this year? :)