Friday, November 21, 2008

Florida Part 2

We got to the house around 11 and it was clear that there was still much to be done.  Again, we jump into the 'what can we do' mode.  I am not sure at what point I became the wedding planner but it definitely happened.  I think my keen sense of bossing people around took over and by the end of the night I was on a first name basis with the caters, buddy buddy with the DJ, and the go to person for questions and direction.  I basically just tried to follow the instructions in the coveted 'wedding binder'... God love you Rose for being so FREAKING organized!  

Finally the time came and Rose walked down the aisle... brick stone aisle that Nick's parents put in specifically so Rose and Nick could be married under the oak trees... 

It couldn't have been a prettier more perfect setting and it couldn't have happened to a better couple!   This picture is one of my favorites because the 3 of them form a heart shape... cheesy but cool!

A better view of the path and the trees where Rose and Nick were married.

My absolute favorite shot of the day... they are just so beautiful! 

MZ, Kara, Laura and I enjoying the reception... I think that was wine glass number 3 of 4.  I should have stopped at 3. 

With the happy couple!  BTW... totally want to move into Nick's parents house.  It was so gorgeous!

I stole the bride's shoes and tried them on... totally awesome aren't they!  Nick wore pink paisley socks with his suit so they matched!  

The entire day was fantastic... from helping get things rolling, to watching Nick and Rose exchange vows, to partying it up with good friends.  It was one of the best weddings I have attended!  

Round about the 4th glass of wine I decided (much to the happiness of those driving me home) that I should switch to water.  I downed 2 bottles at the wedding and another 3 glasses at OB's. Oh, what is OB's you ask... only the most rocking biker bar in town.  I am not sure how it was decided but MZ was on the hunt for a good Grey Goose drink so OB's is where we went.  I can't even begin to explain how much we stood out from the local crowd.  I made fast friends with a local yokel in the corner who informed me that he had been drunk for 40 years.  Awesome.  We enjoyed the scene for a little longer and then called it a night.

Thankfully the insanity next door and the Spanish wedding were no where to be found and we passed out as soon as we hit the room!  

The trip home was much less eventful than the way there... thank goodness!  
Dropping the car back at the rental place... good riddance to the PT!  

It was an awesome weekend and I am really so glad I could be a part of it... Rose and Nick, what do you say, same time, same place next year?  I'm game! 


AmyJean said...

Love the dress and your shoes!

KiKi said...

her dress is gorgous!!!!!

Rose said...

Jessi - Thank you so much for jumping into the role of wedding planner - you were awesome. Yeah... Maybe next year, we'll just look at pictures. I've had enough wedding for a lifetime. ;)