Saturday, October 04, 2008

Flying by

It feels like I have so much to talk about but for some reason I am having a hard time getting down some coherent thoughts. I have started a few different posts, each about different topics but none of them ever really come together for me. I think my head is all over the place, hence the problem writing...

So I think I am just going to do a bullet point post...
  • Adam and I have decided that our eating habits are deplorable. We have reverted to this ordering out a lot, not caring what we buy, eating crap all the time mentality and we are sick to death of it. We are getting back to planning meals ('when you fail to plan, you plan to fail' is so true). Not only are we planning but we are planning with good decent foods in mind. More fruits and veggies, grilled chicken, salads, ect... Grilled chicken with a homemade rub, green beans with almonds and butternut squash, and acorn squash was the menu for tonight. Very yummy!
  • I am getting better at making Chase's food. The other day I boiled carrots and mashed them before they went bad. Then today, I cooked some spinach and mixed it in... viola... a meal he loves. He took down a 1/2 cup for lunch and 1/2 for dinner. He also ate pieces of grilled chicken for dinner, which he loved! We are getting to the point where we won't have to rely on prepared jarred foods!
  • Chase took his first tentative steps on Sept 27 but we haven't had a repeat performance yet. He wants to, I can see it in his eyes but he is still working on it. He also clapped for the first time today. I am not sure why but I was so excited about this. He has been giving 5, kisses and waving hi and bye for a while now but I was extremely excited about the clapping. He knows who "Riley" is and he knows what "kitty cat" is... he is a big fan of Grandma's 2 kitty cats, Julio and Biff! Everyday he seems to do something new... he is growing up so fast I am just amazed.
  • I was invited out to brunch before little gym class this past Thursday. Laura got my number a few weeks ago and since they were meeting before little gym, she called to extend the invite. Chase and I went and we had a pretty good time. It's really hard to 'fit in' and connect (especially in a small town) but I am working on it. I do miss my friends terribly though.
  • I love the fact that my MIL works from home. I see her at least a couple times a day when I pass through on my way to the COG. Sometimes I stop and chat (but not a lot, she does run a business after all ;~). Occasionally we will run errands together or if not, we are always asking if the other needs anything while we are out. It's somewhat like an adult dorm room! We even have movie night Tuesdays (FIL is out and Adam has a meeting so it's our choice!)... so far we have watched Chocolat, Ever After and The 60's. I have to say, she is one of my best friends! I am very blessed that we get along so well. She is actually at a class reunion tonight (lets just say 5+) and I am missing having her around ;~)
  • For the VP debate MIL, Adam and I played Debate Bingo... Unfortunately since I wake at 6, I didn't last very long and we cut out early. I think Adam ended up winning... to which MIL and I owe him dinner!
  • I am reading The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and I encourage everyone to read this book. He has a great outlook on life and how to handle what you are dealt... unfortunately he recently lost his battle with pancreatic cancer but it just makes what he has to say that much more poignant. The book actually stems from a lecture he gave at Carnegie Mellon (where he was a professor) which you can watch here. I haven't watched the lecture yet... Adam and I are going to do that one night this week.
So there you go... a bullet point run down of life for the G's. I hope it wasn't too boring ;~)


KaraB said...

It's funny, because Claire has been clapping her hands for a good while now, but she doesn't wave. And I keep trying and's funny how they all do things in their own order.

Kudos on the eating thing. I am trying for claire while I sit around and eat Papa John's. Tonight I scrambled her an egg (Eggland's Best at that!) and mixed in this Gerber's "side," which was sweet potatoes and diced carrots. She loves picking up the pieces of the egg and feeding herself, except for when she got tired and rubbed her head and eyes...and then her entire head was covered in egg. She loves chicken as well!!

Sorry for the novel...hope to see you and the hunk-a hunk-a burning baby tomorrow!! :-)

AmyJean said...

His very first steps?!!! Congrats!!!!

And I'm glad you got invited to brunch. I admire that you are proactive about making friends and not just expecting it to happen

kathi said...

You know what? I'm not meant to comment here because 3 times, THREE times, I've started long comments and each time I've had to log out to catch the phone.

Short version: CAN'T BELIEVE HE'S OLD ENOUGH TO WALK. How wild is that?
Thrilled you're going out with some one in the group. Give it some time, they'll all come to know AND love you.
We always eat really healthy at home, it's when we go out that we're in trouble.
Going to check out debate bingo from today's entry. I'm so not fond of any of the candidates that I'm just going to have to vote for the party I want most to occupy the seats.

Vicki said...

That food looks incredible! Congrats on eating's sooo worth it (spoken as one who's done it both ways!)