Saturday, February 09, 2008

Mama's Day Out

My friends and I scrapbooked all day long... literally from 10:30 until 7... and I wasn't even the last to leave! It was so awesome. Don't get me wrong, I love those boys with all my heart but it was so nice to be out doing something that I really enjoy with no worries or distractions.

Adam and Chase started off the day at a meeting and then came back to the house to hang out... watching movies, sleeping and playing on the playmat. That is until about 2 hours before I got home. My loving husband took it upon himself to re-arrange the bedroom, a move we had recently been talking about doing. Not only did he re-arrange our furniture but he set up our desk so we now have an actual computer station... a necessary move for a few ideas we have floating around in our heads. It looks so fantastic... even more open and spacious than before. It's amazing what a little moving will do for a room. I just expected him to keep Chase entertained, fed and clean for the day and he goes above and beyond. I love him so much.


kathi said...

You're a lucky (blessed) girl, no doubt there.

I saw a commercial for something I think Kodak is doing where you can load pictures on line and create a book, like our high school albums, with all the photo's with really cool designs and stuff, and put in all the wordings and such. Suppose to take the place of scrapbooking. Actually, I have to admit, looked pretty cool.

The Townleys said...

MAJOR husband points for that one! Wow, you guys were there till at least 7? I left at 5!! You are some scrapbooking fantatics.

Michelle said...

I love having scrapbooking time with the girls!! It is so much more fun to scrapbook with your friends than by yourself. And it's good to have time away from the kids no matter how much you love 'em. :)