Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I am really getting this in by the skin of my teeth but here is Chase in his Valentines Day outfit(s)...

Notice the mohawk that Chase has... courtesy of mommy at todays bath!

His sleeper says "Heartbreaker" on the side and the feet say Hug Me... of which we did much of!

Let me finish by saying I am not one to really celebrate Valentines Day (neither Adam and I have ever really celebrated) but the baby outfits were so darn cute that I had to get them ;~)

Good night and Happy Valentines Day (aka "Halmark's profit holiday")


Periwinkle said...


I came across your blog looking for other blogs from Maryland, your baby is adorable! When I read your profile you mentioned missing your mom. I am a stay at home mom of three children and a part time gardener. My mom died of colon cancer in 1992 just six months after my husband and I were married and then two years later we had our first daughter. So I understand what it is like to be a first time mom and miss your mom, a great book that helped me deal with this is, Mothersless Daughters by Hope Edelman and she has also written Motherless Mothers. I hope this helps you.
Take Care,

Vicki said...

That Chase is so darned cute I can hardly stand it! I would've fallen for the outfits, too...despite the "Hallmark Holiday" as we call it in our jaded moments, usually while buying the cards & candy!

LoveLladro said...

peri - how similar our lives are! my mom passed away 6 months after my wedding as well. it was about 3 years later that we had our little one. i know that i have heard of motherless daughters and i think i read a good bit of it... i really remember reading 'letters from motherless daughters' which was extremely helpful. i really like to know and identify with people so that book was fantastic! thanks for reading my blog... hopefully i will see you on again!

vicki - isn't he just so cute! i can't even stand it sometimes!

kathi said...

He's such a little heartbreaker! I'm in love with this kid. The older he gets the more persoanlity he has. Love him.

chocolate hug said...

Chase really is turning into a heartbreaker!