Thursday, December 06, 2007

Snow, and Sleep

Chase's first snowfall!

Chase chillin with Rachel

Chase visiting Lisa, Erin and Stacy from HR and Karen from Legal.

This is the face of someone who let me sleep, and slept himself from
12 to 4 and then again from 6:45 to 9:30! Yay for us!

This is the face if my midnight companion!


chocolate hug said...

How does it feel to get a little sleep?

I was very sorry to hear about your recent motherhood challenges. I had a feeling you were struggling with some things. I had a hard time in the beginning too. You are totally a hero in my book. It's NOT easy being a new mom. Especially with all the things that have been challenging you and Chase. Just remember to admit that there's never any way you'll ever know what to expect and you'll be fine. As soon as I decided to relax and go with the punches (especially when I stopped expecting to go to bed at a certain time.) I was emotionally stronger and more stable. I even started enjoying my time with my son.

Still praying for you!


kathi said...

So freakin' cute. Love the one where he's on his belly and up close and personal with the camera. What a personality!