Thursday, December 27, 2007

Busy Busy Busy!

We are leaving tomorrow for San Francisco to visit my dad and Stacie! Today and yesterday are all about packing and making sure we are ready to go. In a few hours Riley will be heading to the kennel... don't worry, he loves it! I actually cried the first time I took him because he didn't give me a second thought... just walked back with no problem!

Just wanted to touch base... I am off to get some more packing done and maybe even get a shower! Wahoo!

Oh and here is Chase with his Christmas present from daddy and I. If you press one paw, daddy says something and if you press the other, I say something. Love Build A Bear!


Carrie and Scott said...

Safe travels to you. Remember to take deep breaths and enjoy every minute of your trip.

chocolate hug said...

Blessings on your trip! Is Chase almost smiling there? He looks so content!