Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sleep Deprivation

Now I have gone without sleep before... especially in college. We would have a big project due the next day so an all nighter would be pulled in the photo labs (pays to know the people that work there ;~). It was great... we would order pizza as late as we could... smoke out the windows on the fourth floor... work on our projects and generally have a great time. The next day I would be framing my project as the prof walked in, give a flawless speech about the artwork, wait as everyone else did the same, go to work after class and sleep that night as if nothing ever happened. Better still, back at Anne Arundel, Jaime and I would go to a specific bar on Monday nights because the bartender liked us and drinks were flowing. We would have a great time, head home late in the night and crash. Then be up for class at 8 the next morning. I am sure we weren't ready for Ms. America but we still looked good and managed to get to class and retain knowledge (at least until the final exam ;~).

I was at least 10 years younger then and they were, at any given time, one night occurrences. Sleep deprivation for over a week at a time and at my age has a distinctly different effect on me now. Look at me, I am growing up ;~)

Anyway, hopefully the bulk of the sleep deprivation is over... at least for prolonged nights. Chase has started sleeping for 3-4 hours at a time again and has even slept in his bouncy chair, on his own, a couple times! Thank the Lord! For a time he was only sleeping on me and when he wasn't sleeping, he was eating and when he wasn't eating or sleeping, he was staring at me begging to be stimulated... all of this resulted in my butt growing roots to our couch. But as I said, things are starting to improve which means I have time for laundry, dishes and general housekeeping tasks... not to mention time for a shower! I am just prayerful that this keeps up and we can start to have a regular routine again!

This weekend will be interesting as I think that Adam and I will be traveling to NY. My dad's mother passed away yesterday and we are going to try to make it to the funeral events. Adam's grandmother is also having a funeral service but hers is on Thursday. Adam's grandmother actually passed away in Dec of last year but her ashes are being buried in Arlington National Cemetery, due to her husbands decorated time in WWII. It's a pretty big deal and many G's are flying in from all over the country. So Adam and I will be juggling that service with my dad's mother's service in NY. Please keep your prayers out for the 2 families as one is dealing with a recent loss and the other will be dealing with emotions from past loss.

Not to end on a sour note, I will just say this... Watching all the loss around me now and having the pain of experiencing loss in the past makes me very thankful and grateful for the life that I have right now. I mourn for those that are passed but I am ever mindful to not take what I have for granted.


Rose said...

I remember those photo lab nights... I now have a hard time staying up past 11:00. Anyway, I love you and I'm thinking about you. Hope you get some sleep soon!

kathi said...

I don't think I was able to enjoy a shower until...last week. :) Joshin', but don't think when they get a bit older it'll be easy, lol. Ask any parent, when a kid wants you most is when you're not available, like in the shower or using the bathroom. A shut door is just an incentive to knock and knock and knock to a kid. Still.

I love reading about you and Chase, reminds me of sooooo much and how much I love my kids. Now. LOL.

Hugs sweet stuff, and to Chase too.