Sunday, November 25, 2007

First Thanksgiving

What a nice relaxing day Thanksgiving was... sitting around with friends and family, everyone telling me how cute my son is... it was great! Here are a few pictures from the day...

Uncle Jimmy imitating Chase

Grandma Sandy soaking up Chase's cuteness

Family portrait!

Boys being boys in the bar room

Uncle Logan loving on his nephew

Logan carving the turkey

Chase's first visit to Starbucks

Adam introducing Chase to his mecca ;~)

It's been a great weekend... having Adam home for 4 days was a lot of fun! I am sad he has to go back to work tomorrow ;~( We (Chase and I) have a busy week coming up... Doctors appointment, hair appointment, Grandma G's funeral service at Arlington National Cemetery and this Friday we are heading to Hagerstown for the weekend for the first time since Chase was born!

With Thanksgiving comes a list of things that I am thankful for... 1. my husband, 2. my son, 3. my family, 4. good friends, 5. a God that meets my needs, 6. my apartment (I love it here), 7. Tivo, 8. my health, 9. my awesome dog, 10. Coffee Toffee Heath Bar Crunch. I am sure there are many more things but that is what came to mind right off the bat ;~)

I hope everyone out there had a great thanksgiving!


chocolate hug said...

Oh my gosh! I think you guys are just as crazy with your son as we are! I love the coffee picture...most parents don't admit to others the crazy little (cute and harmless) things they do to their new borns...just a few weeks ago you posted a picture of Chase sucking on Adam's nose...I laughed so hard,I wish I would have gotten a photo when we had Sam doing the same thing to Nick's big ol' nose! I wonder how many new parents have done that one?
It's nice to see that you're enjoying motherhood regardless of how exhausted you feel right now. Take a deep breath and say a little prayer when you need to! In another month or so (when you start to feel more adjusted) pick up that book I suggested, I really think it was written for women just like us!

have a good week!


kathi said...

YAY!!! Pictures!! I love how everyone looks at him with so much love and amusement. :) The family portrait is the best!!

Oh, and the house, how cool is that house?? Where were you? I wanna live there!