Friday, September 22, 2006

Season Premiere

It was good... ok... I did enjoy it but it wasn't the all consuming storyline that I thought it would be. There was a LOT going on... almost too much where my emotions were pulled in so many different directions that I couldn't get fully invested in one story line.

I liked the Izzy on the floor bit... that was my favorite part... I know the feeling of losing someone and just wanting people to stop hovering because there is too much pressure when you finally do want to move. And everyone has advice... none of which that person on the floor wants to hear.

The rest was interesting but since there aren't a lot of die-hards that read this, I won't go through every story line...

I will say that I still enjoy the show a lot and will most definitely continue watching it... I am still hooked!

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Jaime said...

I'm definitely a fan! There was a lot going on last night but the season finale left a lot up in the air so it was nice to get some details. It will give me something to stay awake for on Thursdays :)>