Sunday, September 03, 2006

Big Update

I will try to make this brief but anyone that knows me, knows that I tend to ramble... even on a keyboard.

So, I clued everyone in that Adam was miserable at work... not normal 'man, I hate having to work, I wish I could be on my couch' miserable but the 'too many cases to handle, motions and briefs on top of the cases, boss treats me like I am an idiot and curses at me on a regular basis (meaning everytime he is around) even calling on Saturdays to yell at him for a deadline that has yet to pass'... like I said miserable.

So... after the aforementioned Sat call Adam and I thought about all the possible scenarios for what needed to happen. We discussed Adam talking to his boss (hereafter referred to as 'No Heart') and how that might go, whether Adam would give his 2 weeks and if No Heart would even allow that, whether No Heart would actually listen and try to make an effort with him... all the possibilities...

So after a weekend of prayer, reflection and discussion we decided that Adam would go in and talk to No Heart, calmly and rationally, and explain exactly what the problems were and where Adam was (moments away from tendering his resigation) and whatever path No Heart took, Adam would act on his best judgment. We trusted that God would give Adam the courage and words to have this conversation.

Monday came and Adam and No Heart had a tension filled debate (re: argument) about the supposed 'missed deadline' as soon as the day started... the end result being that No Heart overreacted (and way toooo early) but ended it, not by saying sorry but by telling Adam that he 'dodged a bullet'... what a .... ugh... I digress.

And No Heart brought in another person to assist Adam which when they started working together it became apparent that both of them would be scrambling to get everything done still... it was a lot of work.

So the day never really lent itself to this discussion that Adam wanted to have with No Heart so Adam took it as not God's will for that day and let it go. He would try again on Tuesday.

In the meantime Adam called the placing agency that got him this job in the first place, explained the situation to the woman and she felt badly and supported Adam's decisions and future steps... and would start looking for work for him, just in case ;~) This woman loves Adam a lot... everywhere she placed Adam reflected well on her because he did so well.

So Tuesday comes and No Hearts admin comes in visibly distraught... I won't go into the details of why because it is not my place to gossip about anyone else's life (other than my own) but she lets Adam know that No Heart was too hard on him and that he has been doing a great job and she tells No Heart not to be so hard on him... she likes Adam.

So No Heart finally comes into the office, about midday and Adam asks to speak to him. They close the door just the 2 of them and Adam begins speaking. He lets him know the problems and how frustrated he is working there. No Heart stops him and says before this gets personal he wants to say something... No Heart then proceeds to tell Adam how well he has done since he got there... how Adam is writing like someone with 5-6 years of experience and that none of this is his fault. He said he compromised by hiring someone with such little actual experience and that he really needed someone with more experience but that isn't Adams fault and for that he is sorry. He said, this relationship will end on a high note... Adam will stay on until they phase in a new lawyer (with much more experience) and that way Adam isn't out without a job and then when he leaves, he gets great references.

All in all, it is the best possible situation... Adam didn't want to stay and commit to working there for any substantial length of time and he doesn't have to... and he has time to look for more work... and he gets good references... So, all I have to say is Praise Jesus!

Continued prayers are welcomed as we are entering back into the world of uncertainty but we are ok because just as we went into this situation with faith in God, we will enter this next situation with faith in God.


TortfeasorG said...

Yeah, Praise Jesus is right!

I must say, I prayed harder and longer on that situation than I have in the last several years. And, it looks like it paid off. Thanks honey, for all your support. And, thanks to all my other friends and family whose guidance and counsel I sought and who supported me in this. It really did help.

Danielle said...

missin' U guys in Actionville :-(

kathi said...

God's got His plan, and we just have to trust that. Yeah, that's why they call it faith. Walking in it isn't always easy, but it's exciting. It's like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets.
I'm glad things worked out for the best here, and they're still working out for the best!
Keeping you in prayer, hugs to both!

Carrie said...

When going through situations such as yours...I think in a few days/weeks/months I'll be thinking...."See God does have a plan" and then I always smile at how frustrated I got. I love telling the story of how He works it out. I have grown a lot in my faith the past year and I truly believe it is because of all of you at Home Group. We are not alone. I have been so calm throughout my unemployment and honestly it is because I know God is working in our strange and frustrating ways...but in the end it is His plan not ours! Keep your head up you two...miss you!