Friday, March 31, 2006


I am thrilled to announce that iTunes is now offering Season 5 of Scrubs! Downloaded it last night, thank you very much ~ I so wish I could have stayed home to watch all the episodes today... and I would have!

Work was not the first place on my list of places I wanted to go today... not that I have a bad job... it's actually a pretty good job but right now it is the trifecta from hell (shout out to all Lewis Black fans)... it is a Friday, it is the end of the month and it is the end of the quarter... in my world, this is the perfect storm! Oh well, I survived thusfar, I am sure I can get through today! I am conning Karen to go to lunch with me so that we might enjoy some of the BEAUTIFUL day outside!

In other news, my church is meeting for the first time in our new building this Sunday... I can't think of anything more exciting! I toured through it Wednesday night and it absolutely stunning... not ornate or gaudy... by stunning I mean it has designated classrooms for children, bathrooms that aren't vandalized, a stage that doesn't have to be taken down every week, equipment that can be left where it is until the next week! To us that is unheard of... we have been meeting in Annapolis High School ever since I started going to this church (~10 years). All I have to say is thank you Lord for staying true to us! Oh and by the way... the building, the land and all other monetary things... debt free. Our church owes not a red cent for anything! Trust in the Lord and He will be right there with you!

There are some other things going on that aren't all roses and peaches but I am trusting the Lord that whatever happens is in his best interest... and to the woman that demonstrates trust in God's will, no matter the circumstances... I love you! By just staying true to what you know and believe, you are an inspiration for those who watch you!

Ok, I gotta start working! These contracts won't process themselves!


kathi said...

That end of the quarter stuff...shivers down my spine. Worked for an accountant for 5 very long years and I don't even the sound of that now. :)

Good news on the church. And whatever you're walking through now, just keep on walking.
'When thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned: neither shall the flame kindle upon thee,
For I am the Lord thy God...' Isaiah 43:2-3

Big hug

paco said...

That is awesome about the church. I think of you everytime I pass by the new building (which is pretty often for work).


Vicki said...

Wahoo about a debt-free church! That is just awesome; God be praised. Keep looking for His hand in all things, it's always there! I love you!