Sunday, September 05, 2010

So caving... not really my thing.

Last week we were lucky enough to get a tour of the Crystal Grottoes Caverns... were I learned that being that far underground... kinda freaked me out ;~)

All in all, still a really fun trip (thanks Laura!!!)

I will not confirm or deny that this email (received mere seconds before I left the driveway)...
caused me to run back in the house and grab socks and tennis shoes for both Chase and I.

The evidence speaks for itself.

Could not be more of a City Slicker.

Standing in a tractor... life doesn't get much better for Chase.

In complete amazement. I thought Chase would be a little more freaked out (turns out I did that enough for the both of us)... in reality he was perfectly fine walking around and taking in all the sights.

Me and my first born son ;~)

Chase was here.

I just had to include this picture because he is so stinking cute. I seriously cannot believe how much I love him.

After all this time we are still attempting the line up shot... not bad!

After the caverns we headed to a playground (quite possibly the best playground around) for some fun and lunch.

As it turns out the kids really only had the fun in mind. Especially my son... could not get him to sit and take one bite of food.

Teaching him to go up and down the jungle gym...
and this is right before (we're talking seconds people) he fell back with a hard thump on his tush.

Mother of the Year is just around the corner folks.

First time on a see saw... with his best girl Sadie.

And then they ran over and got on the 'airplane' where Chase informed Sadie that they were "flying to Frostburg".

My kid dreams big, people... watch out!


Vintage Ruby said...

your little man isn't looking so little these days...too cute in his small paul! ; )

dkamfam said...

You are funny. You probably could have made it without the tennis shoes but it was a slippery! And that park looks fun. Going to have to check it out sometime!