Monday, July 19, 2010

Pool Time

I am still without a computer.  My world is turned upside down.  I hijacked hubby's... alright, he gave it up willingly but he also thinks I am doing Roof Shampoo work here... shhhhhhhhh.

I am more than a little frustrated.  We got a diagnosis from MacMedics that the hard drive was bad in my computer... which sent red flags up all over the place.  Adam had taken out the original hard drive, commonly referred to as "all my information", and attempted to install a new hard drive (fresh out of the box)... with zero success.  Then, not being a dummy at computers, he tested the new hard drive 7 ways from Sunday... seriously... ya'll thought he was geeky before.  It was a whole new level.  That new hard drive worked in every. single. place except my computer.  

So you can imagine when they told Adam failed hard drive, he asked for more diagnostic testing.  Put a hard drive that you know is good into my computer and see if you can get it to work.  They say they did but when we finally bring our computer home and put yet another new hard drive in, stalled and failed to boot.  Computer still broken... in precisely the way they said it was fixed.  An entire week wasted for something Adam knew and tried to explain... not to mention $49 for a crap diagnostic.  

End result... I am still without a computer and I am sad. 

So I thought I would post something happy to lift my spirits.

Last Monday Chase and I took a road trip to Glen Burnie to visit Christine, Andrew and Gabriel.  Her mom's condo has a community pool... which was surprisingly empty from 10 - 12.  More fun for us!

Chase is always practicing to be a big brother... he loves making babies smile!

One 'trick' he learned was holding onto the edge... which he wanted to do 'all by myself'.

Aunt Christine and Andrew (Gabriel stayed home with Pop-Pop ;~)

Another 'trick' Chase learned was actually propelling himself in the water.  Christine had a couple noodles for the boys to play with and Chase immediately fell in love.  He held on for dear life and kicked like he never kicked before... and he actually 'swam' about 2 feet!  At the next pool opportunity I made sure we had our very own noodle and Chase was in heaven.  He swam back and forth and even got the hang of turning himself around... and of course, he didn't want me to hold on at all.  Best $5 spent water wise!

As per usual when we road trip, this was the site in the back of the car on the way home... I will never tire of how cute it is!

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