Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yard Sale Time Again

The Spring Kids Nearly New sale happened this weekend and like the good hunters we are, the moms and I headed out early Saturday morning to score some deals.

This time we were a little smarter... we met at 6, ordered coffee and donuts and headed straight over to the yard sale. We were out of the cars and shopping at 6:20 for a yard sale that doesn't 'start' until 7. We're hip to their game.

I didn't score as big this time but I didn't really intend to. Over the past few weekends Adam and I have done a good bit of rearranging, spring cleaning and purging. The last thing I wanted to do was clutter everything back up again. Big ticket items weren't really on my list.

Bekah was looking for boy's clothes for her littlest who is out-sizing his older brother despite the fact that their birthdays are 2 weeks apart!

While sifting through I spotted this...

and could not pass it up. Boy or girl, lil bean will be sporting this at some point!

So I kept looking around... and ended up finding some other pieces that I loved and thought I would put on either a girl or a boy.

The last one I was thinking about using over Christmas but we'll have to see how big lil bean is around that time.

At $0.50 a piece, I figured I couldn't go wrong. If lil bean is a girl, I can pair any of these with a girly pair of pants and a headband. If lil bean is a boy... boy pants. No harm, no foul.

I picked up this cool floor mat puzzle for $2.

Never been opened Thomas sticker kit... just the thing for a long road trip to Myrtle beach this summer! Paid $3 for it and I saw it for $13 on Amazon... not a bad deal!

Another item for the trip to Myrtle beach. Coloring as well as a page of stickers... hopefully minutes of fun. Scored for $1!

Fun Elmo puzzle for $2 (I think... I was really tired at this point)

I was pretty happy about this find... a Melissa and Doug set with all it's pieces... a definite rarity. Chase has been getting more and more into doing his 'kitchen stuff' which just means cooking in his kitchen. Typically as soon as I start dinner he runs to his kitchen and starts preparing food as well. He loves the fruit cutting set my dad gave him for Christmas (also M and D) so I thought this would be fun as well. I may wait until his birthday to give it to him though... we'll see.

Paid $5 for it... it regularly sells between $15 - $20.

I am always looking to expand Chase's library (cheaply of course ;~) so I spent a good bit of time digging through book bins. These were the only ones I came up with but I am glad I found them. We love Sandra Boynton books so when I saw Opposites, I snatched that up. I also have heard good things about the Love You Forever book so I grabbed that one. Little Toot I remember from my childhood... maybe a bit long for him right now but I think he'll grow into it. And the Little Critter books... A New Baby (appropriate I thought) and Bye Bye Mom and Dad (again, maybe a little appropriate for my clingy little man ;~)

He's been carrying these 5 books around since yesterday afternoon... I think he likes them. I paid anywhere from $0.25 to $1 for each of them... not too bad!

And what quite possibly could be the buy of the year...

The moment Chase saw this his eyes lit up and the biggest smile spread across his face. This Thomas chair has been everywhere in our house as well as to Bamma and Grandpa's already... he is completely and totally in love with it.

Generally I am wary about things that are cloth covered but it was in such good condition that I went in for a second look. Then I realized you can take the cover off and wash it... I was sold!

This might be the best $2 I have ever spent.

I love this yard sale and I got out of it exactly what I wanted to. I hope to hit up some more this summer... there's a mile long yard sale on July 4th that's calling my name!


Anonymous said...

You get the best items from yard sale. If I were close to you, I would have joined you! Are you going to find out if it is a boy or girl?

lmcarmitage said...

I wish I could have made it there too! Had every intention until I got sick-thought sleep might be better! Looks like you got some good deals!

Adrienne said...

I LOVE the Love You Forever book. It was a childhood favorite of mine. I’m so sad I didn’t buy it before we came to PNG.

I am SO jealous of that chair. Ben would FLIP OUT if he had a chair like that! The other day, a friend was watching him. She asked Ben if he wanted to watch Thomas. He had not watched Thomas in over 4 months…so she started jumping up and down screaming “Thomas, Thomas, Thomas! Yeah, Thomas!!!” My friend looked at him and sad, “Ben, do you like Thomas?” Just a bit! We actually have a train set here that we are waiting to give to him.

LoveLladro said...

@insung - you know it! hopefully within the next few weeks ;~)

chocolate hug said...

We were given the birthday cake puzzle as a gift and Sam LOVES it! We have birthday parties all the time!