Friday, May 28, 2010

A few days home

This past Tuesday Chase was lucky enough to have Daddy come to music class with him.

Unfortunately Chase took a nasty spill on the carpet and got a pretty rough carpet burn. He was literally limping around the room and couldn't go more than a few minutes without crying... it was very sad.
After trying some other options (you know... a regular band aid) this is what Daddy came up with. The band aid irritated him more than the burn so we took that off and Adam tied a handkerchief around his knee. Unconventional but it worked better than any other remedy ;~)

Enjoying Daddy's company ;~)

Unfortunately Ms. Danielle won't be back to teach the class next year (family is moving) but we all had such a great time that we put together a photo album of our time... 3 guesses on who had the most pictures ;~)

We are really going to miss her!

Hopefully she will be starting a similar class in her new town... lucky kids!

This past week we have been staying close to home. Adam was sick... then Chase was under the weather and finally yesterday I wasn't feeling too hot. As much as I like getting out to do things, staying home has been good too. My house is clean, I play with Chase more and I actually completed my blanket for Chase's bed!

Playing little people with Chase in our pj's. I am not sure why but he calls the little people farm 'farm puzzle'. I think it's too cute to correct for now ;~)

Even Riley gets into the little people action.

The aforementioned finished blanket! I am so happy to have actually completed this!

Which leads me to my next project... a nursing cover for a friend of mine. She's very patient as I have been promising for quite some time. I am determined to get it to her before she stops nursing her son!

This puzzle is the end all be all. I can't remember who gave it to us but if you read this blog... thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The boy knows how to relax!

One of my new favorite pastimes is baking banana bread. I love the way it makes the house smell and I most certainly love eating it ;~)

Chase is a big fan of the mixing.

Adam convinced me to throw some chocolate chips in this batch... excellent suggestion!

And of course enjoying our spoils!

We actually got out of the house today and enjoyed some time at Monkey Joe's with our friends Jen and Kyla.
Kyla (18 months) followed Chase everywhere (as much as she could ;~) and got a big kick out of mimicking him! Chase seemed to revel in the attention...

just another reason I think he will make an awesome big brother!


Adrienne said...

Nice blanket! I LOVE the fabric for the blanket AND for the nursing wrap. Totally wish we could get fabric like that here in PNG.

Sigh…we make banana bread ALL the time here. You are so right about the smell of the house! I am going to have to try to put chocolate chips into the batter next time.

Vicki said...

Chase IS going to be an awesome big brother!! :-D