Sunday, February 25, 2007

1st Day on the Job

So today was my first day... All in all, it was a good day. It is a lot of information all at once which was a tad overwhelming. Not to mention the idea of learning an entirely new process... equally as overwhelming. However, I am looking forward to that day a few weeks (or months) where it clicks and I start to know my job and where I fit in.

One good thing is that there are already friendly faces in the office. The day of my interview, Danielle took me to lunch with a couple of the girls that work there... Angie and Amber. Seeing them in the halls today and then Angie stopping by to chat at my cube was so nice. It REALLY helps to not feel so alone.

Oh and get this... my new boss, Q... the one I was so excited about working for because I have heard nothing but great things about him... yeah, he has a new job with the parent company so his last day is in 2 weeks. How is that for job karma! ;~)

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes, I definitely needed it!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Last Day...

So today was my last day at! It was interesting to walk away for the last time. I have been there for almost 4 years and this really was my first 'grown up' job. I did have good times there and they did afford me opportunity that most companies wouldn't have. Things may have deteriorated lately but in a way, I am glad they did. It made me get off my butt and see what I am actually worth and what I have the potential for ($$ wise and person wise).

I was sad to leave some of the people... Nancy has been my best friend there for 4 years... I started working with her and we never lost that friendship even when I moved on to the Legal department (which makes me believe we will be friends even after I leave the company ;~)... KMR made my job bearable (as much as she could) in the last year... I would have gone crazy without her! Suzy always being the ever stylish sweet considerate AM... I am going to miss her smile and Legal cheer (oh there was a cheer), Kelly... I still remember when you came for your interview and I talked to Casey about you! I am so glad he made the choice he did... he couldn't have picked a better person and I loved working with you! Beth... So sweet and always so pleasant to be around. I will miss your great attitude and fun commentary! I gotta say... John C. We only worked together for a short time but wow... you are one lovable and huggable guy. I see great things for you... I hope I get to watch them come true. There are so many more people that I will miss tremendously... I can't begin to mention them all... well I did begin to mention them... I just can't end to mention them.

But in the end... I have to leave these people that I spend everyday all day with and that's life. Overall I am happy and excited. I am really looking forward to starting something new.

The only other sadness that I have about leaving is that I had a message from my mom (yes, over 2 1/2 years old) that I never erased from my voicemail. I didn't listen to it today (or even recently for that matter) but it doesn't matter... I know what it said and sounded like. It was her calling to ask me to pick up somethying on the way home from work. She was asking and as she was asking she started crying. She was so tired and in so much pain that she just started crying and lamenting about being so sick. And I kept it all these years. It was a safety net I guess... that and obviously I hate throwing things away (13 bins of her clothing, don't forget) but it was her and her voice and I have to give that up in order to quit. That over everything affected me the most. But I can't stay at a job just because my moms voice is on a machine. I am moving on and I know she would want this for me. (No one needs to agree with me about this... I already know its true... thanks though)

I have a few days off of which I hope to accomplish something other than complete laziness but we'll see... A few of things on the agenda are: scrapbooking, spending my JoAnns (thanks Nancy, Beth and Heidi!) giftcard, spending my DSW giftcard, going through my mom's clothes (been on the list for a VERY long time), talking to a financial planner and all sorts of other stuff that is difficult to do when you are working FT. I will let everyone know how it goes! Now I am off to get a goodnight sleep so I can properly enjoy the next 5 days off ;~)

Monday, February 19, 2007

It's a dog's life!

Adam and I are babysitting my dad and Stacie's new dog, Maverick (aka Mozilla, Mo, MavvyMo, ect...) and here is how he and Riley are spending the day...

What a great life!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

TidePoint Security Sucks

It's wintery weather outside... not great conditions for driving home so I got the ok to leave at 4 instead of 5.

Imagine my surprise when I walk outside and my new Jeep is not where I parked it... I will give you time... I am going to let that sink in...

Almost immediately my mind goes to it being towed... which I am thankful for because it didn't leave me much time to dwell on the possibility that my Jeep was stolen. I locate the nearest sign through my tears and call the number. Sure enough they have an 03 Jeep that was towed from TidePoint. Fantastic.

I call Adam in hysterics now. I have no idea how I am supposed to get to the impound lot from in this snowy wonderland that is getting worse by the minute. I cry myself back to the office and find the closest facilities person.

I plead to know what happened. They don't know but in the meantime Adam calls the impound lot and finds out that the towing company was called by the crack Security squad here at TidePoint. Apparently they are now towing the cars that don't park in front of a cement block (marking the spot)... which is news to me because people have been parking in those 'spots' as long as I can remember.

Whatever... I ask to talk to aforementioned security guard and... well lets just say I don't think we will be BFF's anytime soon. I not so politely asked why wasn't I informed that they were going to tow my Jeep (a common practice at TidePoint) and why he would call it in today of all days... the roads are terrible, everyone has known this storm was coming... why would you purposefully strand someone on a day like today. No good answers came of that.

Luckily someone from our facilities department offered and insisted on giving me a ride to the impound lot (no matter how many times I write that, it still doesn't sink in) and I was able to free my Jeep.

$250 cash... parking for a day.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Big news...

Hold onto your hats everyone... I got a new job! Holy cow, can that be right? I am leaving and actually moving on? Amazing.

I am terrified of rejection... yeah, yeah, I know no one likes rejection but I am down right petrified of it. So much so that it kept me stagnant for a very long time. It didn't matter that the bad days outweighed the good or that I spent more time in tears than not or that I spent 9 hours a day wishing that it were 5 o'clock. Calculate that... thats a lot of my life that I wished away... that's just sad.

Nope... it was more like a battered woman's mentality... I held out for the place that I once loved or just waited for the occasional good day... just praying that I would see a dog walk around the corner and greet me*. But as it has to happen, things never went back to the way they were. Gone is the company that I knew and loved and thus, just one of the reasons for my departure. Not that overall it isn't a great place... I would still recommend it to people looking for employment (maybe not my job ;~). They really do attempt to keep a fun young atmosphere and that is pretty awesome. Just too many things changed for me.
*The former owners used to bring their dogs into work almost everyday.

The turning point (although I had already been active in getting this job for a little while) was when my accomplishments were credited to someone else for an award handed out at the company meeting. Not that I wanted the award, please don't think that... I was already on my way out mentally so an award was not even on my radar. But to think that my job and my processes were being ascribed to someone else... it tore my heart out. I cried for hours after the meeting and I cried more when I came home. What more worthless of a feeling can you have to think that you haven't made a difference. It sucked. And it was enough for me. I knew I needed to leave.

So that leads me to my new job. I will be working for a contractor for the government where there is plenty of room for growth and advancement. I am really looking forward to this opportunity. I want to reinvent myself a little... meet new people... actually try and excel in the world instead of being comfortable in my own mediocrity.

It's been a long application process and I want to thank Danielle for all her urging and persistence. She is definitely my job guru. Believe me when I say, this would not have happened without you.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ho Hummm

So life is plugging along. As always, there are bumps but I am just trying to keep them at bay.

I don't really have a lot to write about right now... just wanted to check in.

Oh and FYI... the last post is a line from The Office that I found hysterical. After I posted I had the thought that people could take it in the wrong way ;~) It's all about The Office... totally need to see Jim and Pam get together! I need to get out more.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Good Advice

Secret Secrets are no fun.
Secret Secrets hurt someone.