Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Last Day...

So today was my last day at Ad.com! It was interesting to walk away for the last time. I have been there for almost 4 years and this really was my first 'grown up' job. I did have good times there and they did afford me opportunity that most companies wouldn't have. Things may have deteriorated lately but in a way, I am glad they did. It made me get off my butt and see what I am actually worth and what I have the potential for ($$ wise and person wise).

I was sad to leave some of the people... Nancy has been my best friend there for 4 years... I started working with her and we never lost that friendship even when I moved on to the Legal department (which makes me believe we will be friends even after I leave the company ;~)... KMR made my job bearable (as much as she could) in the last year... I would have gone crazy without her! Suzy always being the ever stylish sweet considerate AM... I am going to miss her smile and Legal cheer (oh there was a cheer), Kelly... I still remember when you came for your interview and I talked to Casey about you! I am so glad he made the choice he did... he couldn't have picked a better person and I loved working with you! Beth... So sweet and always so pleasant to be around. I will miss your great attitude and fun commentary! I gotta say... John C. We only worked together for a short time but wow... you are one lovable and huggable guy. I see great things for you... I hope I get to watch them come true. There are so many more people that I will miss tremendously... I can't begin to mention them all... well I did begin to mention them... I just can't end to mention them.

But in the end... I have to leave these people that I spend everyday all day with and that's life. Overall I am happy and excited. I am really looking forward to starting something new.

The only other sadness that I have about leaving is that I had a message from my mom (yes, over 2 1/2 years old) that I never erased from my voicemail. I didn't listen to it today (or even recently for that matter) but it doesn't matter... I know what it said and sounded like. It was her calling to ask me to pick up somethying on the way home from work. She was asking and as she was asking she started crying. She was so tired and in so much pain that she just started crying and lamenting about being so sick. And I kept it all these years. It was a safety net I guess... that and obviously I hate throwing things away (13 bins of her clothing, don't forget) but it was her and her voice and I have to give that up in order to quit. That over everything affected me the most. But I can't stay at a job just because my moms voice is on a machine. I am moving on and I know she would want this for me. (No one needs to agree with me about this... I already know its true... thanks though)

I have a few days off of which I hope to accomplish something other than complete laziness but we'll see... A few of things on the agenda are: scrapbooking, spending my JoAnns (thanks Nancy, Beth and Heidi!) giftcard, spending my DSW giftcard, going through my mom's clothes (been on the list for a VERY long time), talking to a financial planner and all sorts of other stuff that is difficult to do when you are working FT. I will let everyone know how it goes! Now I am off to get a goodnight sleep so I can properly enjoy the next 5 days off ;~)


kathi said...

Okay, you've started my day off in tears, but it's cool, they're the good kind.

Anonymous said...

Jess, I think we're going to remain friends, too :) I miss you already but like I said yesterday, we'll get together very soon for dinner. March 16 is booked ;) lol, but another night works, just let me know!
~nancy :)

Johnnie Avocado said...

Love......If you still have access to that voicemail...I can record it for you and put on CD. I'm an audio guy and have all the right gear...if you want

BetaBloggerG said...

Happy first day at your NEW JOB!!!

I am so proud of you honey!

TortfeasorG said...

hey, what's that betablogger guy doing calling you honey!?

smooches baby i love you and congrats!