Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thought I might give this a shot

So I have changed my way of thinking. Worry and anger are so exhausting that I have decided to stop. Adam doesn't have a FT permanent job yet, I am stuck at a job that I don't like as much as I once did but I am too scared to leave, law school loans think that we should have the money to pay them back now and we are renting an apartment in Ellicott City that I want out of... oh and I want a baby. From now on that sentence reads as follows.... Adam has a couple interviews lined up and irons in the fire, I am lucky to have a job with such great bosses and I am generously paid for my time, so far we haven't missed a payment on the student loans, we have a roof over our heads and... well I still want a baby but I can wait.

I have also decided that life is too short for watching life pass you by. I want to start doing things... get out and experience life... heck, I need stories to tell my kids!

My first goal is to get to DC within the month of Feb. I want to visit something/anything. Museum... the Vietnam Wall... Lincoln Monument... Anything.... I am going to try to persuade bible study to join me (read us... husband gets very little say in this matter). I bet I can count on Danielle... that is if I can get her to pencil me into that busy schedule!

I will keep anyone that may read this updated ~


Rob and Danielle said...

I am DOWN with visiting DC!

Vicki said...

If you can do this you will be in good stead for the long haul. Remember the scripture "As a man (woman) thinks in his (her) heart, so is he (she)"? WELL...all I can say is that the scriptures are TRUE and what we allow our minds and hearts to dwell upon essentially becomes US!