Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nail on the head

I came across this poem on In all complete honesty, I could not believe how right on the nose this guy got it! Enjoy!

College graduation was approaching fast
And I heard the mantra, get a job at last
But, alas, jobs were few and far between
The hours were long and the pay was lean
And so, in a flash, the answer came to me
Can’t get a job… get an advanced degree

My family was supportive, with encouragement a plenty
But when it came to tuition, there was not one more penny
No problem there, the dream needn’t fade
Aunt Sallie Mae came to my aid
With nary a thought, I signed on the line
What was I thinking, I was out of my mind

I never thought to ask and they didn’t say
Just how much I would one day have to pay
So here I am, diplomma and all
Including a loan payment sure to be my downfall
The bill’s two thousand a month, my choices are few
Get a Big Firm Job- its the thing to do

But wait, there’s a problem that I never expected
Working sixty hours a week, my family neglected
Selling my soul to pay off this debt
Suddenly doesn’t seem like a very great bet
I want a job that I actually like
But I can’t tell Sallie Mae, go take a hike

Still got the payments, what are my choices
Plus, the country falls into a financial crisis
Banks get handed money, left and right
Meanwhile, I cut spending, my budget is tight
And as I pay and I pay, with nary a shout
But I can’t help thinking, where’s my bail out

We’re living back at home with mom and dad
At almost thirty, that seems a little sad
But paying our debt is the responsible thing
We don’t want our credit to have a big ding
Some day when the payments are finally gone
We’ll get to buy a home, and finally move on


AmyJean said...

OMG. too true!

Rose said...

OMG. Nick and I were talking about this earlier today. We're paying 770 a month (consolidated - eek) in student loans. There's all this talk of making education more affordable, but what about us schmucks who've already paid? If you're feeling like the guy who wrote this, we're right there with you! :(

Coupon Artist said...

Thanks for linking to my poem- oh, and I'm a girl not a guy :)